What, Me Worry?

Summer is the season of Joy and the corresponding organ is the Heart, in Chinese medicine. But what if you’re not feeling joyful or expansive? Maybe it looks more like tired and overwhelmed? One of the definitions of overwhelmed is”…giving too much of a thing to someone or something….”

Worry and the resulting stress IS about giving away too much energy. Our brains keep circling around an issue or event like an airplane trying to land in a crowded airport: a lotta fuel gets wasted, it takes forever to land and you’re in a bad mood.

Recently I read an article by Martha Beck, PhD listing 10 things to stop worrying about. Of course, as soon as someone tells you to NOT do something, that’s the very thing you want to do. However, it used humor to address 10 things that need less energy in our lives. (10? Which 10?  Should I have 10 things to worry about? What if I have more than 10?) It’s a quick and fun read, so here’s the link. (When Heather does the Walk the Season class tomorrow, she’ll talk about balancing the energies that can overwhelm this time of year using herbs and other modalities.)

Heads up on future events:

  • The brain has a way of keeping track of previous hurts and memories. If it’s driving you crazy, try our Nourishing Resilience class coming up in August.  Two introductory classes will be held in July to give you a sample of what it will cover and how it works based on the newest science of repatterning brain thoughts.
  • The July class in our Medicine Maker Series will be about making non-alcoholic extracts
  • A free new monthly class, Food Matters with Honie Ann Peacock, starts in July. Its focus is food hacks for better nutrition.
  • Our Fall ReBoot 10 Day Food Challenge starts the end of September.

Summer can be an expansive and joyful time. Try out one or more of the above classes and see if your energy level gets lifted!



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