Protests and the Hero’s Journey

Why protest? In my last newsletter I talked about the changes we are collectively experiencing. Specifically, the energies of chaos and change that manifested in this past election. The manifestation of these energies brought what was hidden to light. In comedy improv you are taught to not say “No” to what is thrown at you but to refashion it into something that moves the skit along and (hopefully) gets a laugh. In shamanism we are taught that when confronted with a choice, taking action is better than doing nothing. If the action was incorrect, you will see the need to change soon enough. The action could be as simple as taking a deep breath to help reframe a perception or as big as moving to another place.
Our Task: To Confront Our Fears
I see our collective task as one of thoughtfully and bravely confronting our fears. The fear of not being safe, of not being heard, of not being accepted for who we are, of not having enough, are all deeply held . This task is neither easy nor simple and will require us to boldly step out of our comfort zones. It is a Hero’s journey (for all you Joseph Campbell fans out there). This confrontation of fears can take many forms, one of them being a protest march. For me, it is about expressing my concerns for the safety of our water, the corrupting power of large corporations and the repressiveness of greed.

joseph_campbell_circa_1982                                                  Joseph Campbell

Get On the Bus!

On Saturday December 10 in Washington, DC there is demonstration planned to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). I have rented a 12 passenger van to bring fellow marchers along with me. On Saturday at 6:45 AM we will meet at The Elderberry to drive to DC. We will return around 9-ish PM (maybe sooner if the traffic is not bad). There is a requested $8 donation for gas. We will park in Arlington and Metro the last few miles into the city. Email me at [email protected] to reserve your spot by December 6.
This pipeline will affect the water source for not just the Native Americans but ALL who live around and drink from that aquafier. We all live downstream and there is not a pipeline yet that has not leaked/ruptured/exploded at some point in time. Once the water is contaminated, there is no turning back. We will ALL have to deal with the consequences. Join me and thousands of others in letting the EPA and our political representatives know that they are not doing their duty for the people.

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