Michelle Liaskos, Herbal Associate

Three years ago, Michelle (above, center) found herself embarking on a new adventure: leaving England and relocating to Charlottesville, landing in the midst of like-minded individuals, herbalists and finding her tribe. Having begun studies in manicure and pedicure, almost 20 years ago, She went on to become a ‘Master Technician’ with Creative Nail Design. She gradually migrated towards holistic health and became a qualified Reflexologist, studied thermo-auricular treatments and facial lymphatic drainage massage. In addition, she became involved with the award winning, Scottish based vegan skincare company; Live Native, and offered their products and services in her UK business. She completed her Interior Design Degree in 2015.

Since landing, she has been studying at Sacred Plant Traditions and in November 2017 graduated from the intensive 3 year Clinical Herbalist Program, learning from Kathleen Maier and Heather Wetzel. She is continuing her life-long studies, working to complete aromatherapy and massage and beginning a cosmetic science course.

Having had a very unique ‘fair-trade’ shop, with a ‘spiritual’ twist in England, she is no stranger to this experience and is now super excited to be part of the Elderberry family. She is looking forward to being of service and assisting those on their journey back to health.

“Clinical Herbalist, plant lover, healer, artist, and lover of all things magic.”