Leah R – Apprentice

In the Elderberry Apprenticeship, I have continued studying Herbalism after completing the Foundations program at Sacred Plant Traditions.  I enjoy expanding my knowledge of plant medicine in the context of a functioning apothecary, where Jan, Heather, and Michelle have shared their knowledge with me. This Fall, Jan and I have harvested, cleaned, and dried root medicines like burdock and marshmallow.

Some really special mentors helped me to hold a curiosity for plants when I was a child falling in love with the more-than-human world.  As an adult, I have found profound inspiration in Herbalists, EMTs, medics, and community organizers who give their services to community resilience in support of movements for Black liberation, Indigenous sovereignty, land, water, and air protection, Queer safety/celebration, Immigrant/Refugee safety, and so many important fights for collective thriving.  The Medic Healer Council at the Standing Rock Pipeline Resistance Camp, medics who provided first responder care to victims of the white supremacist terrorist attacks on August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, and the Botanica Mobile Clinic are just a few examples of collective healthcare efforts that motivate me to learn and share health care.

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