Jan Wolfe, Owner/Family Nurse Practitioner/Herbalist

Jan Wolfe ~ Family Nurse Practitioner/ Certified Herbalist / Owner

“My vision is to create a beautiful healing space that serves the needs of our community and supports local herbalists in their healing practices.” ~Jan

Elderberry LLC began to take root in November 2012 as I dreamed of providing creative learning experiences with local herbal products in a supportive environment. Join me in sharing the joy of creating with herbs!

jan.elderberryI began my professional life as a family nurse practitioner over 30 years ago and have worked in a variety of healthcare settings throughout the years. Changes in the healthcare system and increasing focus on standardized treatment plans over knowing ones clients spurred me to explore other options. This led me to Reiki and Shamanic teachings, and my formal studies of over 12 years have greatly enriched my herbal practice. In addition, I graduated from the Clinical Herbalist program at Sacred Plant Traditions with Kathleen Maier in 2013.

My love of gardening and working with herbs began as a toddler in Ohio when I would follow my aunts around in their gardens. I enthusiastically watered plants and squished bugs as my main duties and eventually convinced my aunts that I was ready for my own garden plot.

Today I maintain an ever expanding garden at my home in North Garden and find great joy and peace in working with plants. The combination of my love for plants and healing has empowered me to create a space for assisting others to find their own inner healer.

I am deeply grateful for all of the spirits, seen and unseen, who have taught and supported me in my journey to create The Elderberry.

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