Finding Your Voice When Everyone is Shouting

It is with love and light that I inform you that Kathie (Holub) graduated from this life, on Sunday October 7, 2018. She has requested that there not be sorrow and not be a service. Instead, if you wish to celebrate her life, please let loose some daisies (or other flowers, or whatever plants you find) in the nearest body of water and celebrate all that she is and was. Dancing is completely acceptable and is in fact encouraged!

 This was the email I received a week ago.

She helped me find my voice and I mourn her leaving.

I met her about 5 years ago at a healer’s expo where she was giving Tarot readings. I was immediately impressed with her Tarot deck and blown away by her reading. I asked if she would like to give readings in the store once a month and she graciously agreed.

You would see this older, petite, beautiful woman and think “How sweet….” Ah, this sweetness belied a fierceness of Spirit that KNEW whatever is going on this life is just a tip of the iceberg in the cosmic scheme of things and that Love and Light truly rule. Kathie was very clear that the Tarot cards did NOT tell the future, since that was not yet in play. She studied and used the tarot cards to, in her words, “…empower people to make healthy choices based on the insights provided by the cards and my intuitive knowledge that would come through the reading.” Her intuition was honed by her work in other healing modalities such as Reiki (she was a Reiki master), hypnosis, Shamanic healing and yoga instructor. She was a certified Tarot Life Coach and had been a professional reader since 1992.

Her ability to see what was in front of her and constantly choose to focus on how that reflected the Light of the Universe was her Super Power. Her voice was that of optimism, love and laughter. May she be joyfully dancing among the stars and continuing to seek new adventures.

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  1. I had a reading with her at the Elderberry and I was blown away by how enthusiastic and how much energy she had for my idea, as it related to my question. It really was the best reading I ever had. It felt like she was really excited for me and my future. I know she will go forth in Joy.

  2. What a lovely remembrance. Kathie sound like a beautiful person. I’m sorry that I never had the honor of meeting her. I missed out! Peace be with you as you celebrate her life.

  3. I wish I had met her! She sounds like an amazing soul and a wonderful person to be around! Bless her on her journey.

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