Apprentice Program

GOAL: To provide an introductory hands-on experience with herbs in both a retail and garden setting.

What skills/qualities are we looking for in an apprentice?
The experience will be deeper and more meaningful if there is some sort of prior formal training in herbs/plant medicine. Therefore, listed below are several possible pathways and the assigned priority in being considered for an apprenticeship:

1. Those who are either enrolled or have completed:

  • Clinic I or the Foundations of Herbalism at Sacred Plant Tradition Center for Herbal Studies OR
  • Foundations of Medicinal Herbalism or The Herbal Apothecary at Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine OR
  • Whole Living From the Ground Up 1 or Medicine Makers Community Gathering at Forrest Green Farm OR
  • Herbal Apprenticeship at Owlcraft Healing Ways
  • or an equivalent program.

2. Those who have either enrolled or have completed:

  • Herbal Apothecary at Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine
  • or an equivalent program.

3. Those who have either enrolled or completed:

  • Intro to Herbal Healing at Sacred Plant Tradition Center for Herbal Studies
  • or an equivalent program.

4. All others who have completed a course of herbal study plus gardening experience.

Personal qualities:

1. Loves plants/gardening.

2. Dependable, inquisitive, comfortable with working with the public, able to take direction and feedback, able to “go with the flow”.

3. Willingness to learn and to share knowledge.

What is Involved in Becoming an Apprentice?

1. The unpaid apprenticeship will last 3 months and involve a total of 60 hours (5 hours/week). The hours must be completed within the 3 month time period. The hands-on experience will be with the guidance of a certified herbalist.

2. This is an opportunity for the apprentice to do the following:

A. In store activities

1) Assist with checking in herbs
2) Assist with making store blend teas
3) Assist with cleaning and sanitizing of manufacturing area
4) Assist with cleaning and arranging of retail area and apothecary
5) Assist with taking periodic inventory of all items
6) Assist with manufacturing of store products

B. Garden activities

1) Assist with harvesting of herbs
2) Assist with processing of herbs
3) Assist with weeding, mulching and watering of garden

4) At the completion of the program there will be a certificate granted to document the time involved with this experience. This can count towards the hours required to sit for the American Herbalist Guild certification.

5) This program does not promise nor does it guarantee employment by The Elderberry.

Download Apprenticeship Application